Simple database administration tool

Simple database administration tool

Simple database administration tool

This (DBTool) database administrative tool uses ODBC/ADO to connect to any given database. This easy to use tool has many features, export your data to MS Excel, MS Word or Text file, Run custom quarries, execute SQL commands, get table structure information, and many more.

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Simple database administration tool

DBTool is universal database management tool that can be used with any relational database to perform administrative tasks or simply running SQL queries.

DBTool database administration main window

DBTool can talk to any database through an ODBC driver. Most databases these days come with an ODBC driver, which in most cases is free. The ODBC Driver Manager gets installed on every machine with the Windows Operating System.

DBTool talks to the ODBC driver through the Driver Manager. ODBC Driver converts generic ODBC calls into database specific requests and sends it to the back-end server. The server computes the results and sends them back to DBTool through the driver.

Software version and platform information
  • Version: 1.0
  • Build Year: 2003
  • Platform: Windows (Win32)
  • Software Written In: Borland Delphi

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