SimplePie - Manage RSS and Atom feeds

SimplePie - Manage RSS and Atom feeds

SimplePie - Manage RSS and Atom feeds

If you're looking for an easy way to work with RSS or Atom feeds in PHP, SimplePie is both easy to implement - and thoroughly documented to help you build on it.


SimplePie - Manage RSS and Atom feeds

A code library, written in PHP, intended to make it ridiculously easy for people to manage RSS and Atom feeds. An easy to use API that handles all of the dirty work when it comes to fetching, caching, parsing, normalizing data structures between RSS and Atom formats, handling character encoding translation, and sanitizing the resulting data. Free (i.e. no cost) open-source software.

About Feeds
Many websites have links labeled "XML" or "RSS" or "Atom". All of these are ways of saying that you can find out about updates to that site without having to visit the site in your web browser. This feature is referred to as "syndication" or "aggregation". Sometimes it's just called "subscribing". And these days, instead of one of these words, lots of sites will use a little orange button. The standard one looks like what you see in the right-hand side of your address bar in Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer 7 (an orange square with what looks like radio signals). If you have the Safari web browser, you'll see a blue "RSS". It's also common to see buttons that say "RSS" or "XML".

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SimplePie Features:

  • Normalizes all documented versions of RSS, and all popular versions of Atom
  • Parse Tim Bray's Atom 1.0 feed
  • Sanitizes the content of the feed to ensure safety against malicious feeds
  • Contained in a single file for easier portability
  • Detection and embedding of audio and video podcasts including the popular Media RSS and iTunes RSS elements
  • Intelligently switches between fsockopen() to cURL to fetch feed data
  • Utilizes HTTP Conditional Get and data serialization for an optimal caching system
  • Locate feeds for websites with its ultra liberal feed locator
  • Parse imperfect RSS and Atom feeds
  • Works well under PHP 4.3 and newer
  • MySQL caching
  • Parse RSS 2.0 category 'domain' attribute
  • Autodetect more than one feed

Open Souce SimplePie Information:

  • Applies To: Atom, RFC 822, ISO 8601, RFC 3023, RSS, XML, Feeds, Syndication, Aggregation
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Operating System: Cross-platform
  • License: BSD License

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