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MantisBT - Mantis Bug Tracker

MantisBT - Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis Bug Tracker is both simple to use and simple to install. This open source bug tracker is written in PHP, uses MySQL, and can be installed on Linux, Windows, Mac, OS/2, and more. MantisBT is a full-featured bug-tracking system that not only keeps track of bugs, but includes a user system so that multiple users can interact and multiple projects can be tracked.


Mantis Bug Tracker

MantisBT is a free popular web-based bugtracking system (feature list). It is written in the PHP scripting language and works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver. MantisBT has been installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, OS/2, and others. Almost any web browser should be able to function as a client.

MantisBT bundles a number of dependencies with each release including: ADOdb for abstraction of support for relational database management systems, Disposable for disposable e-mail checking functionality, eZ Components for plotting of statistics, NuSOAP for SOAP web service support, PHPMailer for e-mail sending support, Projax for Ajax capabilities in the user interface, RSS Builder for RSS feed support, PHP UTF-8 wrapper library for internationalization support in absence of PHP's mb_string extension

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Mantis Bug Tracker Features:

  • Easy to Install (both internally and in hosted environments).
  • Simple User Experience
  • Web Based
  • Supports any platform that runs PHP (Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, AS400/i5, etc)
  • Available in 68 localizations.
  • Customizable Issue Pages
  • Multiple Projects per instance
  • Support for Projects, Sub-Projects, and Categories.
  • Users can have a different access level per project
  • Changelog Support
  • Roadmap
  • My View Page
  • Search and Filter
    • Full Text Search
    • Simple/Advanced Filters
    • Shared Filters (across users / projects)
  • Built-in Reporting (reports / graphs)
  • Custom Fields
  • Email notifications
  • Users can monitor specific issues
  • Attachments (can be saved on webserver or in database - can also backup to an FTP account)
  • Issue Change History
  • RSS Feeds (news, issues matching saved filters, issues matching a specific project)
  • Customizable issue workflow
  • Sponsorships Support - users are able to place bounties or sponsorships for specific issues, also developers can track such sponsorships / payments.
  • Anonymous Access
  • Signup with Captcha and Email Confirmation.
  • Self-Service Reset Password Support
  • Export to csv, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word
  • Ability to extended functionality through hook (custom) functions.
  • Ability to extended functionality through plugins.
  • Reporting issues via Email (available as a patch for 1.1.x and plugin for 1.2.x)
  • Reporting Issues via a custom form on your website (Anonymantis).
  • Source Control Integration (GIT, SVN and CVS).
  • No limit on the number of users, issues, or projects.
  • Wiki Integration (optional)
  • Time Tracking
  • Ability to send messages to messages to other users in regards to a specific issue.
  • Public / Private Projects - Public project accessible to all users, private are only accessible to those explicitly added.
  • Public / Private Notes - Private notes are accessible to users with a specific access level to the relevant project.
  • Public / Private Issues - Private issues are accessible to users with a specific access level to the relevant project.
  • Issue Relationships
  • Issue Relationship Graphs (uses "dot" library).
  • Attachment Auto-Preview
  • Public / Private News (news can be associated with a specific project, or with all projects).
  • Sticky Issues (always appear on the top of the issues list).
  • Group Actions: actions can be applied on multiple issues.
  • Easy hyperlinks to issues and issue notes (e.g. #123 hyper links to issue number 123).
  • Ability to view recently visited issues (the last 5 visited issues are visible by default at the top right corner).
  • Authentication
    • Default Mantis Authentication (recommended)
    • LDAP Integration
    • HTTP Basic Authentication Support
    • Active Directory Integration (patches available)
  • Chat Integration (optional)
  • Multi-DBMS Support - Mantis uses ADODB as an abstraction library to support multiple DBMSes.
    • MySQL
    • MS SQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Oracle (experimental)
    • DB2 (in progress)
  • Support for mobile devices.
  • Online Chat (optional integration)
  • There are community projects that integrate it with content management and project management too

Open Souce Mantis Bug Tracker Information:

  • Applies To: Bugtracking System
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Operating System: Cross-platform
  • Database: MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Webserver
  • License: GNU General Public License

vamsi :: July 15-2010 :: 01:12 PM

i had installed mantis on local system and opend it .but i cant find reports and graphs

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