Test GZip Deflate Compression

Test GZip Deflate Compression

Test GZip Deflate Compression

A simple online tool to test your web pages compression (deflate, gzip) working correctly. This tool is able to identify web pages with deflate/gzip encoded content. This tool work with most of the file types HTML, CSS, JavaScript ...etc.


Test GZip Deflate Compression

This online Test GZip Deflate Compression tool checks your server to see if it is sending out compressed data. It will work with any form of compression: mod_gzip, mod_deflate, or gzip compression through any server-side language, like PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Java. Only textual data is compressed: HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. Images are already compressed and are not gzip'ed through a web server. This tool only checks the exact document you enter.


URL must start with http:// , https:// , ftp://

Bandwidth control is an important task to be followed when your traffic is increasing. With limited monthly bandwidth hosting, your site may run out of bandwidth and thus result in increase in down time. Hence it is very much advisable to compress your websites response with GZip and then serve it to client. Compressing output can significantly improve your websites performance by reducing the size sometimes up to 80%!

CSS Stylesheet,JavaScript files occupy significant size in overall webpage size. It is hence advisable to compress these files before sending them to client. This significantly improve the performance of a webpage.

GZip using mod_gzip, mod_deflate and htaccess
Apache server supports server level GZip compression with the help of module mod_gzip and mod_deflate. You can use this module and enable GZip compression for your website using htaccess file. First you have to check whether your hosting provider has enabled mod_gzip or mod_deflate module or not? To check this, you can use php_info() function of PHP which prints all the information about server and modules. If your hosting provider does not support mod_gzip module, ob_start() method can be used to enable compression in PHP file.

Online Test GZip Deflate Compression Information:

  • Purpose of this Tool : Test PHP, CSS, JavaScript(JS) Compression, Optimize website performance, Speeding Up Your Web Site
  • Intended Audience : Webmasters, Web Developers, Programmers, System Administrators, Network Administrators

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