Regular Expressions Tester

Regular Expressions Tester

Regular Expressions Tester

Online regular expression tester with graphical illustration of regex matches and dynamic highlighting matches on given text powered with latest Silverlight technology allowing faster process by running multi-threaded application on browser.


Regular Expressions Tester

This online tool allows you to test regular expressions. We are using Microsoft Silverlight technology to improve the online Regular Expressions Tester tool performance and make it easier for end users.

In computing, regular expressions, also referred to as regex or regexp, provide a concise and flexible means for identifying strings of text, such as particular characters, words, or patterns of characters.

There are already many regular expression testers out there with many advanced features. This one is a simple tester which allows one string to be tested against a standard regular expression, with the option to change regular expression settings.

Available options for Regular Expressions Tester:

  • Ignore Case - This option makes the RegEx case-insensitive which means that 'a' and 'A' are treated as the same letter.
  • Culture Invariant - If you use the Ignore Case Option you should always keep in mind the Culture Invariant Option because ("silverlight" = "SILVERLIGHT") is True for many cultures (e.g. en-US) but it's False on some of them (e.g. tr-TR Turkish). Turning On this option is generally safer.
  • Multi Line - This option makes ^ and $ match beginning and end of each line insted of the beginning and end of the whole text.
  • Single Line - This option makes . match every character including newline.
  • Indented Input - If you activate this option the Regex will be stripped of \r \n \t \v and spaces before execution. This allows you to write thouse ugly, long and cryptic Regex in an indented and spaced fashion. The whitespace characters still works inside character classes.

How to use this online Regular Expressions Tester tool:
Type your regular expression in the top text box. Select the regular expression processing option by selecting appropriate check boxes. Type or paste the text you want to process on Text to Test box. Click Run button to start testing your regular expression. Matching results will be shown in bellow grid view control. Click on any matching result on grid view to see it dynamically select and show you where its located on your text. If you like to replace matching results, select Enable Replace check box and type your replace expression bellow. This tools comes with few built in examples, you can select the example from top right drop down menu and click run to see how its work. These examples illustrate how to extract numbers from a given text, find IP address in email header, find specific word place closer to each other, extract email addresses, and extract HTML tags, URLs and many more.

Online Regular Expressions Tester Information:

  • Purpose of this Tool : Learn Regular Expressions, Test Regular Expressions, Extract Data, Data Mining, Validate Input Data Using Regular Expression
  • Intended Audience : Software Developers, Web Developers, End Users, Data Analysts
  • Requirement : Microsoft Silverlight

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