Compress HTML Source Code

Compress HTML Source Code

Compress HTML Source Code

Online Compress HTML tool can process an html document and compress the HTML source code by removing unwanted white spaces, tabs, comments. By applying Compress HTML tool to your HTML code will improve page load time and faster email delivery.


Compress HTML Source Code

Compress HTML tool is a powerful HTML/XHTML compression tool created for webmasters/programmers. Its effective compression algorithm can reduce the size of your pages while keeping the appearance of the page the same. When implemented, the documents will be uncompressed in the user's browser, delivering the page exactly how it looked before compression. By using Compress HTML Tool, your web pages will become much smaller which results in faster load times, saving you both bandwidth and disk/database space. Using this tool or similar can result in a nice reduction in html file size. It's especially a good practice to compress html if you run a website or service that requires a lot of bandwidth.

If you have JavaScript code or CSS Styles written directly in the HTML, this smart compression algorithm identify those code blocks and leave them as it is without compressing to make sure your html page load correctly. This tool avoid any STYLE, SCRIPT, PRE, TEXTAREA and BLOCKCODE code blocks been compress.

This is a great tool for email marketing team who sending mass Newsletter/Emails, by compressing the HTML contents in the email will reduce overall size of the email, as a result it will helps to deliver all your emails faster to end user.

 HTML Compress 

Type or paste in the HTML text you want to compress, then press the Compress HTML button.

Online Compress HTML Tool Information:

  • Purpose of this Tool : Compress HTML Source Code, Minify HTML, Pack HTML, HTML Code Cleanup, Obfuscate HTML
  • Intended Audience : Webmasters, Web Developers, Programmers, Email Marketing Team

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