PHPScriptNet Portable application to run PHP Script from windows

PHPScriptNet Portable application to run PHP Script from windows

PHPScriptNet Portable application to run PHP Script from windows

PHPScriptNet Great portable application for those who learning PHP. PHPScriptNet can run your PHP script anywhere in Windows machine without installing PHP or any webserver.

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PHPScriptNet Portable application to run PHP Script from windows

PHPScriptNet is an easy-to-install PHP solution for MS Windows. It works out-of-the-box without any installation. PHPScriptNet is a fully portable application which allows end users to run from a removable storage device such as USB flash drive, flash card, external hard drive. However users cannot run PHPScriptNet from a read only drive (like CD-ROM).

PHPScriptNet - PHP for windows portable

Graphical user interface in PHPScriptNet allows beginners to quickly learn most of the PHP functionality. No need to upload your php script to web server. Users can execute PHP script in any location, PHP files don't have to reside in a special directory, and they can be in any folder, even on the desktop. To make it even easier for PHP leaner, this PHPScriptNet has a tab page "Run PHP Code" which allows executing simple PHP script without even saving them in a file. Also this page includes few PHP tutorials as a quick starter guide. Simply select the tutorial from drop down list and click on Run button to execute it.

Where is the php.ini file?
There are few php.ini files in PHPScriptNet:

  • PHPScriptNet-PHP.ini used by PHPScriptNet when program is running, if you want to change any settings on .ini don't change this file, you need to change the php-setup.ini file.
  • php-setup.ini This file is the one used to execute your PHP scripts so make changes to this one if you like to change anything to PHP settings. Remember there is a special string call _PHP_FOLDER_ in that file which represent your portable PHP path.

Why use PHPScriptNet

  • There are no conflicts with any webservers (Apache, IIS, etc) or other PHP installations.
  • Using PHPScriptNet, PHP scripts can become full-featured Windows programs. Re-use your code for both online and Windows desktop applications.
  • Mainly design for beginners to easily learn PHP
  • Portable application design allows carrying your PHP scripts and PHPScriptNet in pen drive and run PHP in any Windows base computer.
  • If your PHP script generates binary data, this PHPScriptNet support varies data detection to identify mime type and show data on browser.
  • Text base tab allows users to see plain text (non-HTML) output created by PHP script without any hassle.
  • You can automate your daily tasks with PHPScriptNet: parse HTML and text, connect to databases, manipulate PDF and Office files, use XML, SOAP, COM and more.
  • You can test your PHP script for errors in local machine without uploading to a server, which gives more flexibility for PHP learners.
  • PHP Search Tab provide PHP search feature to leading PHP resources. Users can search for PHP resources in leading web sites using this tab. Also it has web links for leading PHP resource providers in the web including few leading open source PHP projects.

Limitation with PHPScriptNet

  • PHPScriptNet is not a web server, you cannot click on a link and run another PHP script.
  • Do not support Form processing like POST and GET.
  • You cannot pass URL query parameters.
  • Do not support HTTP headers

What comes with PHPScriptNet

  • An internal webserver (Internet Explorer based)
  • One of the latest versions of PHP, coming with all standard modules
  • Few open source examples. (php-excel-reader, php-excel writer, Antialiased filled Arcs/Ellipses for PHP, pChart for PHP)

Software version and platform information

  • Build Year: 2009
  • Development Status : Beta
  • Operating System : 32-bit MS Windows .Net 2.0
  • IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Intended Audience : Webmasters, Web Developers, PHP Programmers, PHP Learners
  • Programming Language : C#
  • User Interface : GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Version: 1.0

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