RSCloudFilesTool command line Rackspace cloud files manager

RSCloudFilesTool command line Rackspace cloud files manager

RSCloudFilesTool command line Rackspace cloud files manager

RSCloudFilesTool is the command line client software solution to manage and use Rackspace cloud files for windows. You can run several copies of the RSCloudFilesTool at the same time to multitask the upload, download and all Cloud Files tasks.

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RSCloudFilesTool command line Rackspace cloud files manager

RSCloudFilesTool is a command-line Rackspace cloud files manager tool for Windows environments. This tool is portable, you can put it on your USB memory stick and run it anywhere you go, no installation required. It is very powerful and versatile and can match some of the best graphical downloaders around today. It has features such as multiple file downloads, multiple file uploads, cloud files tree view, and much more.

RSCloudFilesTool is non-interactive in the sense that, once started, it does not require user interaction and does not need to control a TTY, being able to redirect standard output to log its progress to a separate file for later inspection. That way the user can start RSCloudFilesTool and leaving the program unattended. Administrators can auto run this tool using simple script, allowing it to auto run under windows task scheduler.


  • Create and Delete Containers
  • Displays Number Of File Object In a Container
  • Displays Total Size Of Container
  • Upload and Download Multiple Files
  • Delete Multiple Files
  • Store and manage unlimited files - each up to 5 GB in size

How To Use the RSCloudFilesTool

  • Download, and then unzip the files to your hard disk.
  • Open windows command interpreter (cmd.exe).
  • Run command line tool by typing the name C:\DownloadFolder>RSCloudFilesTool.exe


Usage:  RSCloudFilesTool.exe [Options] [File(s)]
 -n [UserName]               Username - login information to download file.
 -k [APIKey]                 APIKey - API Key (32 character long).
 -c [Container]              Set container.
 -p [SavePath]               Download folder (if not set, current working
                             folder will be use).

 --d                         Download given file(s) in selected container
                             (If file not specify, all the files in selected
                             container will be download).
 --u                         Upload given file(s) to selected container.
 --r                         Remove given file(s) from selected container
                             (If file not specify, entire container will 
                             be remove).
 --create                    Create container(s).
 --listc                     List all containers.
 --list                      List file(s) in given container 
                             (if no container is set, all the 
                             container(s) and their file(s) will list).
 --listfull                  List full file(s) details in given container 
                             (if no container is set, all the 
                             container(s) and their file(s) will list).
 --q                         Quite mode, do not prompt for user inputs.
 --nobanner                  Suppresses display of program name and version at
                             top of script output.

Examples :
RSCloudFilesTool.exe --listfull -n USERNAME -k APIKEY
List full details of container(s) and file(s)

RSCloudFilesTool.exe --d -c CONTAINER1 -p C:\DATA -n USERNAME -k APIKEY
Download all the files in CONTAINER1 to C:\DATA folder

Download file PHOTO1.JPG in CONTAINER1 to current working folder

RSCloudFilesTool.exe --u -c CONTAINER2 -n USERNAME -k APIKEY C:\PHOTO1.JPG
Upload file C:\PHOTO1.JPG to CONTAINER2

RSCloudFilesTool.exe --u -c CONTAINER2 -n USERNAME -k APIKEY C:\PHOTO1.JPG 
Upload files C:\PHOTO1.JPG and C:\PHOTO2.JPG to CONTAINER2

Remove file PHOTO1.JPG in CONTAINER2

RSCloudFilesTool.exe --create -n USERNAME -k APIKEY CONTAINER3
Create new container CONTAINER3

RSCloudFilesTool.exe --r -n USERNAME -k APIKEY CONTAINER3
Remove container CONTAINER3

RSCloudFilesTool.exe --q --r -c CONTAINER2 -n USERNAME -k APIKEY PHOTO1.JPG 
Remove files PHOTO1.JPG and PHOTO2.JPG in CONTAINER2 using quite mode

What is Cloud Files
Cloud Files is a cost-effective, internet-based, infinite-sized, redundant storage offering from The Rackspace Cloud. Cloud Files allows users to store/retrieve files via a simple Web Service (ReST: Representational State Transfer) or our file manager application in the control panel. Files can range in size from a few bytes up to 5 gigabytes and your storage grows or shrinks based on your usage. Add as much or as little as you want without worrying about over-buying/under-utilizing or running out of space. With Cloud Files, you pay for what you use and how much you use is up to you.

There are some applications for which Cloud Files is not an ideal solution, these include:

  • Native support within your Operating System. It is not possible to "mount" or "map" the Cloud Files storage system as a virtual hard-disk on your computer.
  • Disk mirroring or backup solutions that require byte/block level differences. There are no concepts of "append" or "file locking" operations within Cloud Files.
  • Data can be organized into storage compartments called "Containers," but they cannot be nested. Since there is only one top-level of Containers, you will not be able to upload a nested directory/folder structure into Cloud Files unless a transformation is performed to flatten the structure.

Software version and platform information

  • Build Year: 2010
  • Development Status : Beta
  • Operating System : Windows .Net 2.0
  • IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Intended Audience : Rackspace Cloud Files Users, Advanced End Users, End Users, System Administrators, System Developers, Command Line Tools, Command-line downloader
  • Programming Language : C#
  • User Interface : Command-line
  • Version: 1.0

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Sean :: May 30-2010 :: 10:29 AM

I get the warning "Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application"

I'm running Windows 7, .NET 2.0(version 2.0.50727.42)

Nick van Esch :: July 29-2010 :: 01:30 PM

You should also list this software here

maxim :: August 13-2010 :: 11:13 AM

I am also getting: Unable to find version of the runtime to run this application on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.with .Net v2.0.50727.4927

max2 :: November 03-2010 :: 03:16 PM

Is it possible to use file with file list to upload or download they from or to Cloud Files ?

Savvas :: December 14-2010 :: 11:32 AM

Is there a way to download all files from all containers but skip the files that you already downloaded last time?

Jeremy McCoy :: December 16-2010 :: 04:50 PM

This tool works great with Mono on my Mac!

Sergio :: February 24-2011 :: 10:38 AM

Is it possible to set the container created to public

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